Everyone loves Instagram. It’s a social platform that appeals to my 13-year-old daughter as well her grandmother, and enables them both to create beautiful posts. For a brand to participate in the experience, you need to elevate the platform. Don't be an ad. To make the Ford brand meaningful on a daily basis, we became obsessed on creating inspired content. We focused to not just broadcast out and grow our user base (though we did, 800% in the past two years, now coming up on 3 million followers), but to engage/interact with them through challenges, collabs, and a few surprises along the way; which is really the way social should be done. 

Our first #Collab was posted, and things went viral: #1 on Reddit, and memed by @thefatjewish. #Touched

A few favorites from the past year working with influencers, inspired photographers, and a great brand. 

We had a collab with illustrator Finnano Fenno, who created personal portraits incorporating fans’ vehicles, and their stories.